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About Us

About Us

SWASTIKA TECH MATE has been in the IT Market since the year 2008. We have developed solutions for Schools to manage Schools' Activities digitally and bring transparency in their work. While working on this we happened to come in touch with MAHEK foundation. MAHEK Foundation, being an NGO, is working for children and other social causes. With their inspiration and with them assuring School Student Security and Development, ARROWS TECH SOL was founded in the year 2017. ARROWS TECH SOL was established to provide Digital Solutions in the Child and Education Sectors. During the course of its Journey ATS involved different people from different sectors, who had shown some genuine eagerness to do something for the Child and Education Sectors. ATS is not a Solutions Builder: it is a Solution Provider constantly in touch with the requirements of the schools and children of our society.


Our vision is simple - to make technology an asset for mankind, and not a problem. We believe in making our complex, fast-changing world a simpler, more inspiring place to live, work and grow in. We see ourselves as the "architects of change" and, like all good Solution providers, we design a wide variety of solutions to boost Education and the development of children.



  1. To be a champion in an environment of honesty, transparency, fairness and high moral standards.
  2. Embrace change and creativity to deliver the best practical outcomes.
  3. Strive to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality.
  4. Build strong relationships and alliances to achieve success in the long term.
  5. Encourage initiatives and provide opportunities to our people.

Arrows TechSol Promise to Clients

Arrows TechSol is Liable to Mintain their service to their valuable Clients with out any flaws. Customer Satisfaction is their Prime Moto. They beleive in Retains Clients rather to open new clients.